Wapato High School (WHS)


Robotics and Engineering Club

Aspects of the REC are:

Robo Sparks

FIRST Robotics Competition - FRC




The REC Team Philosophy - C.O.R.E


The REC has participated in three (3) separate compeitions for our robotics program over our years. The three types of competitions are FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), VEX Robotics Compeition, and the Boe Bots local robotics competition. Our members have been very enthusiastic when participating in one of these types of competitions. The FRC competition is by far our largest and most difficult program at WHS. Our members devote numerous hours after school during the during the school week and on the weekends constructing the best competitive robot for each of the different competitions.


We are very focused on serving our community in any way possible. Some of our pursuits consist of selling concessions at basketball games, volunteering at our local elementaries, and holding silent auctions. We’re always passionate about pursuing more opportunities to where we can continue to create a distinguished reputation among our community. Each year we see more of our members reaching out to people, especially the youth. We’re devoted into increasing interest in the STEM field when it comes to our young community.


We are very motivated in doing anything we can to make sure our club benefits our membership. To do this we must raise funds to support our program. We have found many ways to bring funding our way. We apply for grants from OSPI and from companies that support FRC and our local NASA Hunch programs. We also have aspecific event called the Annual Teriyaki Feed where we sell plates of Teriyaki Chicken and Teriyaki Beef. At the Teriyaki Feed we also have a bake sale and silent auction. Then finally we also recycle. The REC is responsible for collecting the recycling for the entire high school. We have also expanded to one elemetary school and we accept the communities recycling when the community members bring in the goods to recycle. Overall, we’re very determined to make sure that our fundraiser runs successfully while also making sure the community of Wapato is satisfied with what the club has to offer.


The last and most important letter in the CORE acronym stands for Engineering. Engineering is the basis of everything that happens within the club. We’re doing a haunted house at Adam’s elementary? A blueprint of how the walls will be constructed must be drawn. We need to plan another gaming lock-in? There has to be some planning done beforehand that involves amounts of arithmetic spanning from the prices of food to orders of display converters. Our program here at the school is focused on achieving the goal of teaching students about engineering. Whether it be within the confines of robotics, fundraising, our outreach programs or our Nasa Hunch program. The Nasa Hunch program is focused on maintaining fresh apples in space for longer periods of time. Right now, our members of the branch are driven to find out the data for how long the apples can respirate without refrigeration. So we have multiple avenues to learn engineering. And many of these activities to learning engineering may not even involve activities considered to be mecanhical. The concepts of engineering cut across many different learning modalities.


C. - Competition - 2017's FRC competition is





FRC Steamworks LogoFIRST STEAMWORKS 2017

RoboSparks, Team 2926, has started their new adventure called FIRST STEAMWORKSSM, modeledafter SteamPunk. The team has started work on understanding the game rules and are working hard in coming up with a strategy to compete.

On Saturday, January 7th we traveled to Auburn High School for the 2017 Kick-off with a team of 2 students and 3 mentors to find out what challenge FIRST STEAMWORKSSM was going to provide and to pick up the Kit of Parts. While the travel team was actually at the Kick-off tyhe remaindeer of the team was able to watch the video at Wapato High School and they were able to begin studying the rules and looking at ideas for strategies.

During the first week of the build season the team came up with understanding the rules and designing their ideas. On Staurday, January 14th students began drawing out and modeling their ideas for the strategies they decided to attempt. The teams basic strategies are to try shooting into the high upper boiler, getting the gears to the flying machines, and to have a climbing device.

On Monday, Martin Luther King Day, the programming and drive train team were building a holonamic drive traing for the purpose of working through and practice driving a bot with mechanim wheeles. While this team worked on a drive train, the shooter team modeled out a possible design of a shooting device to see if the concept would work. They were able to get the motor system to work, the ball went through but it did not move the ball with the force needed. Lastly the gear team developed a model for their ideas of the gear catch and release mechanism.

Drive team holonaumic driveGear team prototypeShooting team prototype


NASA HUNCH - Apples in Space - 2017

This past year we needed some luck. With the seniors from last year gone the burden of leadership landed on the Juniors, now seniors. The issue that became hard to overcome was the fact that NASA pulled funding from the MicroGravity Plane. That meant that the new seniors would not be able to fly in the seemingly weightless evironment. The new seniors were still interested in continuing with the Apples in Space experiemnetation. We did however have a little trouble replacing the old seniors. We were however, able to conduct a series of experiments on apples to see how long the last with just apple gas. When we completed the experiments we were able to send a small contingent to Houston to discuss the findings of our experiment. During our summer camp we were able to gather more members of the team as we were able to excite a few middle school students who were here as well as a couple of high scholars who decided to participate. It is looking good when we begin the experiments for this year. Plus there is a good chance of ur "experiment" may end up on the International Space Station.